Founded in 1994 ,

the F.Caixeiro Lda has as its goal the manufacture of machinery and equipment for the industry.

« The evolution of F.Caixeiro Lda always been guided by the continuous search for innovation , based on the qualifications and skills of our human resources in order to enable a rapid response and adapted to the needs and ideas of our customers.»

Always attentive to our customers' needs, we have been expanding the wide range of products as well as to improve some existing ones. Our concern is not only in the quality of our products , but also provide personal attention to our customers for the solution of their / our problems.



Date F.Caixeiro Lda company's founding , with the manager Mr. Fernando Clerk and partner Ms . Idalina Clerk and including the total number of 3 people as human resources.


In organizational terms the F.Caixeiro now has two managing partners , Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Clerk . Idalina Clerk .


The F.Caixeiro expands the Spanish market .


Extension of the F.Caixeiro facilities, now harboring three physical units manufacturing .


Company quality certification by NP EN ISO 9001: 2000 . Certificate that is maintained to the present .


Modernization of our metalwork department and production, with the acquisition of 4 production centers. This year, for the first time the company acquires the status of SME leader status this that has been maintained to the present .


Company acquires the status of SME Excellence , held until then.


Renovation of existing company facilities and creation of two departments , electric department and painting.


Company acquires the status of SME Excellence , held until then.


Image renewal F.Caixeiro with the creation of a new symbol , presented in celebration of its 20 years. Changing the company name to F.Caixeiro - Industrial Solutions Ltd