Opening and emptying raw material bags manually is a physically demanding task which is also very slow and high in raw material waste. Our automatic bag opening and emptying machine resolves this problem efficiently. On each cycle, the lift rises until it meets the upper platform, the jaws then close leaving a layer of bags hanging. These bags are then transported to the unloading zone, passing through the cutting zone and, when they reach the unloading zone, the shakers help remove the material which remains in the bag after cutting. This ensures that the amount of material staying in the bag is negligible. After they have been emptied, the bags are transported to an automatic compactor or to a bin.


  • Totally automatic operation.
  • Bag emptying capacity of over 98%.
  • Full pallets can be loaded automatically with a buffer of up to five pallets (optional)
  • Up to ten empty pallets can be automatically stored (optional)
  • The mechanical grips are designed to handle most types of bags and pallet loading layouts. The main types of bags include polypropylene, paper and raffia
  • Differences in levels of up to 25cm in pallet layers are permitted
  • Control system with adjustable positioning adaptable to different types of materials to be emptied, with an easy and intuitive man-machine interface
  • This equipment includes a full load detection system, interrupting and restarting operation automatically
  • Manufactured in accordance with EC standards


  • Eliminates the need for handling heavy items, reducing costs and the risk of injuries
  • Reduction of waste and increased productivity.
  • The automatic compactor option reduces the amount of space occupied by waste (empty bags)
  • Can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as plastic raw materials, grains, chemical products, etc