Our technicians at your company...
in 24 hours

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we have an efficient technical assistance service and our technicians can travel to client installations so as to guarantee maximum speed in resolving all situations

Maintenance guaranteed... for ever

Thanks to the know-how of our team, we can ensure permanent assistance for all equipment supplied (regardless of how old it is), as well as spare parts and any modernization required

Frequent Questions

F Caixeiro provides a full technical assistance service for all equipment sold and installed at each company. Whenever necessary, technicians can be requested  (electricians, mechanics, metalworkers, etc.) and they can travel to clients in a short space of time (in Europe, from 24 to 48 hours)

After the first contact from the client, a quick remote diagnosis is carried out so as to understand the origin of the problem and what type of solution is required. The parts and equipment needed for the repair are immediately allocated and the team is assembled. Within 24 to 48 hours (Europe), our team will be at your factory, ready to resolve the problem

The F Caixeiro commitment consists of ALWAYS guaranteeing maintenance (mechanical, electrical, software, etc.) for all equipment in operation. Moreover, it is often possible to modernize older equipment and prolong its working life

Our major advantage is that we have all the tools required as well as highly-skilled and experienced technicians, both in the sector and in the company itself. We directly produce all spare parts carry out the modernization necessary for each item of equipment

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